Yammer Embed missleading message when beeing used in SharePoint



We are seeing this message when using Yammer Embed inside a SharePoint page. The message is missleading, because we are using IE11. The problem is inside of the SharePoint masterpage that forces the browser to run in IE10 document mode.

<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=10">

Yammer Embed should continue to work in IE11 inside of SharePoint, or the message should state, that Yammer Embed is not supported anymore inside of SharePoint. The latter is a very good way to kill Yammer within organizations. Running SharePoint in Edge mode by modifying the masterpage will destroy several features like the explorer view or Skype presence. So this is not a good option either....


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What is the solution to resolve above issue ?

We are getting this message too. Can someone point to what the root cause is? Why did this start popping up today?

Also receiving this error. Have you found a solution for this?

Other than telling the CEO "ignore that", no.

I have visibility that the Yammer team is aware and discussing.


@Steve Nguyen

Please do something to alleviate this @Steve Nguyen & Yammer team!

We are also seeing this issue!
Strange enough it is not visible all users with IE11, even when we should have managed homogenous IT environment with same IE11 version installed on all company computers.

I opened a support case to MS support and got quick response that they have received multiple tickets for this issue. Banner was removed on 22nd Dec and will be replaced with a new one (?) on 2nd January.



+Issue : Customer who are using IE 11 Browser are getting a banner message on Yammer Embed Feed stating that "As of December 15, 2017 Yammer no longer support internet explorer 10 and will no longer work reliably on this browser. To continue using Yammer,  you must upgrade browser.


>>In what all scenarios is Yammer Embed being used by Customer.

++Yammer embed is used by Customers on SharePoint On Premise Sites, SharePoint Online Sites and Custom Intranet Sites.


>>If Customer is using IE 11 browser , then why are they getting this banner message.

++Customers who are using SharePoint On premise and SharePoint Online - SP by default forces the site to be rendered in IE 10 Document mode.


>>Will Yammer show the Banner message if the browser is IE 11 however the document mode is IE 10



>>Are there are plans by the Yammer Support Group to mitigate the end user impact

++ Yes, As of 22nd December 2017 - the banner message has been hidden.


>>Till when would the banner message be hidden from Yammer embed Feed.

++The banner message would be hidden till 2nd January 2018 (Might be extended depending on other dependencies)


>>What happens post 2nd January (or later)

++ The banner message would be replaced by an Updated Banner message


>>What is going to be the content of this updated banner ?

++ We are currently not aware of what the new updated banner is going to say.


>>Would Customer have an option to request removal of the updated banner.

++ YEs, Customer can contact Microsoft Support for removing the updated Banner.

++ Customer requesting for removal of updated banner - would mean that they now completely understand that Yammer would not work reliably or may become inoperable if used on IE 11 browser with IE 10 document mode and that they should ASAP upgrade to IE 11 Document Mode.


>>We can do that for our Custom Intranet Sites, but what about SharePoint On-Premise and SharePoint Online, it would still render and force our IE11 browser to work in IE 10 document Mode.

++ Yammer product group continues to engage with SP PG - on this however we have no idea if SharePoint would update the settings for their sites to be rendered in IE 11 document mode.


>>Do Customer have an option to request for an ADVANCE opt-out of the banner that is going to be displayed on 2nd Jan (or later)

++ Yes, we would need an Email from the GA for this. Approval in the below format:


"I (Global admin email id) approve Microsoft to hide the banner from Yammer embed. I am aware that Yammer embed will get inoperable any time after 2nd January 2018 even if the banner is hidden as Yammer has ended support for IE 10 Document mode. Yammer embed would work on Modern Document Mode (IE 11 Document Mode)  ".

According to the MS support they are publishing another banner message today with updated content. Also they said that they are working with the Sharepoint product group to solve the issue in background but there is no ETA for this. Any update or insight from @Steve Nguyen?

Is just checked on our own tenant and no message is displayed anymore in IE11. I am going to check at some clients now which had the problem last week.

We are also in a similar situation, using SharePoint 2013 with a Yammer embed. We chose to change the SharePoint tags to IE11 mode, to support the Yammer feed. This has detriment to some functionality in the SharePoint Intranet site, which is a genuine downside.


The workaround of removing the banner on Yammer for IE10 mode, with the knowledge that Yammer could stop working at anytime is a fragile path to take. It's not a great situation to be caught in-between these two technologies as is our current predicament.


Any update on formal support or fix for this scenario would be fantastic.

Just noticed message in O365 Message Center (MC127395:( We're changing the default document mode of all classic pages to be Edge mode, instead of Internet Explorer (IE) 10 mode.





I wonder if they broke something, all our Yammer embeds in SharePoint online using the classic web part (still don't have the new one) or straight embed code are a complete mess this morning. Not loading. Loading the wrong content.

I have been seeing the exact same thing at some clients. Embeds not showing correct group. Straight code embeds keep staying loading...

At some clients with code embeds I replaced the script src to:


Using this reference stopped the problem of staying in loading state. Hope this helps... 

Ah, an old JS, that would make sense....

Yes, I got this one from the Yammer development site, to make sure I got the latest. 

We're finding that embeds that won't load begin to work if we remove the network_permalink parameter which is interesting.

We don't use it either. We use:

yam.connect.embedFeed({container: '#embedded-feed',network: 'yourdomain.com',feedType: 'open-graph',objectProperties:{title: openGraphTitle,url: openGraphUrl,type: 'page',description: openGraphDescription,image: openGraphImage},config:{use_sso: true,showOpenGraphPreview: false,hideNetworkName: true,promptText: 'Comment on this newsarticle?',header: false,footer: false,defaultGroupId: '1234567'}});

We were seeing the same issue yesterday. Yammer Embeds in SPO were loading the wrong content even when FeedID was configured to the code. This morning it seems Embeds are loading correctly.