Yammer embed event stopped firing on first load

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We are suddenly getting an issue with Yammer embed.



On using the yam.on(event), the Jquery tries to migrate itself (not sure why) to the version v3.0.0.

Which in turn throws error and we are unable to proceed further.


Page refresh: However on page re-fresh it starts loading. (not acceptable by various of our customers)


We tried the below troubleshooting steps:



j Query update

Updated the j Query to the latest version 3.2.1

Dependent library update

Updated the dependent JavaScript libraries to load with the latest j Query reference

Locally load the yammer platform JS


Downloaded the script file and loaded locally


Any help on guidance on the same.


Do anyone else have faced this issue.


Code Snippet:

yam.connect.embedFeed({ container: '#yammer-header' });
yam.on('/embed/loggedIn', function () { vm.yammerAppLogin(); });


We are seeting the embed getting added, but when using the below code with yam.on, it fails with JQuery.fn.bind() depecated issue.

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The actual issue is with the yammer feed events not firing. 

The feed events like (yam.on, yam.off ...) is no longer firing.


Feed events documentation



Any one facing this issue

Yes we got the same issue. 


Stopped working for all users last Wednesday. 



Just an update, have raised a ticket with Microsoft.

It was indeed a issue with yammer events.


Just got an update today that the issue is resolved. 

Please check now


No it seems that the issue is still there. Does it work for you? 

Yes not working still. Replied to the Microsoft team that it is still not working.

They are looking into the same.


Will keep you posted.


I also noticed my Yammer Embed Feed "loadingCompleted" event stopped working as well.


Error message in FireFox debug console:

XML Parsing Error: no root element found

Location: https://www.yammer.com/api/v2/events

Line Number 1, Column 1:

Got a reply from Microsoft that the issue was fixed for few regions.


They are going to deploy the fix on all regions. Hoping to get a response from them today to by tomorrow EOD.


Will keep you posted on the same.




The Yammer is back online.


The events should work as expected.




Looks like they are now working again.


Thanks Gagan!