Yammer Email Notifications Public Group for Announcements

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I understand that posting an Announcement to a group will send emails but I have a Group that's setup as Public which I embed on our SharePoint site so I don't have to add group members.  


If we do post an announcement, will everyone in the Network get the email since it's public or only those members I've manually added as a member get the email?  If only members get the email, I can import them but do NOT want them all to then get an email that they're added.


Our users click on the "Join the Conversation" link on the embedded Yammer feed which then shows the feed then adds them into the All Company group.  BUT we can't use the All Company Feed as it's littered with the # joined posts and can't be embedded on a SP site.


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You can create a flow to remove the #joined posts as soon as they are posted.