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Angus Florance had a really good description on the old Yammer site about how email notifications worked.  I was hoping that someone for Yammer could bring that conversion back to this group.  Our users are struggling with why they get some and not others. 

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This is how we summarized this for our community. Hopefully I got it right...


Microsoft is making some changes to how notifications work in Yammer, here is a summary.


  • logic has been added that holds email (15 minutes) and push notifications (2 minutes) while you are active on the Yammer web site or in the mobile app
  • after that delay Yammer will check that a message thread is still unread before sending an email or push notification to avoid notifying you about things you've already seen on the web or in the mobile app
  • they are trying to make it easier to triage your Yammer emails by providing very explicit explanations for why you're getting the emails
  • they are also making some changes to the format of email notifications, Tuck has provided Microsoft with feedback on what we did not like about examples we have seen


They have developed new business logic for what triggers email notifications and will send notification emails for the following scenarios:


  • new announcements
  • when someone mentions you on Yammer
  • when someone is added to a direct message
  • when a non-group participant is added to a private group conversation
  • when a message thread conversation in your Yammer Inbox goes from read to unread
  • when someone replies directly to your message
  • when someone sends you a new direct message


With the exception of the above scenarios, Yammer will stop sending email notifications if you haven't read a conversation thread since receiving a previous notification for the same conversation. In other words, lack of engagement will be seen as lack of interest.


Of course this is all subject to your notification preferences. If you disable email notifications then no notifications will be sent.

Didn't save the entire conversation, but this was Angus' FAQ-note on the old Yammer site:

We have our notifications turned on but after the upgrade we aren't receiving ANY Yammer notifications at all.  Is there a fix for this? 

Possible whitelist/blacklist issue with Exchange?  I'd reach out to Support on this.

Support is saying that several companies have reported this.. but there is no resolution. Are you set up to receive notifications via email, if so is it working for you?

We have the following situation now for about two weeks:

- don't receive the weekly digest emails from our tenant's home network (though it's ON)

- do receive digest mails from external networks

- do receive admin notifications on home network (join request approvals, etc.)

That is weird too me that they would cut that functionality out without notifying customers.  We rely heavily on our notifications here. So it's been frustrating.. 

Something might have happened in the background, as after 3 weeks of silence, we are getting the weekly digests again.

Thanks for this - very helpful... I have a further question regarding the timing of the weekly discover digest. The email subject is 'Start your day by seeing what's going on at..." yet the email is not consistently sent at the start of the business day for all locations. Can someone share how the timings of the weekly discover digest is determined? i.e. is it a one-size-fits all or is it tailored for different geo's and what time are these digests scheduled to be sent. Thanks.