Yammer dynamic group - How to change it to a connected group to offer the user to leave the group

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The Yammer dynamic group is a very nice option to manage a Yammer group based on AD and avoid to upload members manually.  The side effect is that members of this group can not leave it by themselves. 


It's working very well to launch a global internal campaign but can be smoothly annoying for people (when the campaign is vanishing) who continue to see posts in their Following newsfeed. 


Is there a workaround to have members back to a normal connected group which allow them to leave the group by themselves? 

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@Jerome Colombe Is the question how to move a group from dynamic to non-dynamic (this is likely configured in Azure AD).


Or that you want members auto-added, but allow those members to remove themselves? If so I do not believe this is possible.

@Kevin Crossman It's the latter indeed. Thanks for your feedback.