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I am using the yammer export api to get yammer data from something like 3/4 years back .    I am finding I cannot export large chunks of data just using the "since" parameter. The "until" parameter does not work . Does anyone know how to get around this?


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Hi @Vidya Ranjit

Can you do this via the Yammer Admin Portal?

Hope this answers your question!

Best, Chris

thanks for the suggestion Christopher,

I am using a token generated by a yammer Admin.

I am running this on a POC Linux environment in my department(BI).

so I do not have access to use that site.  I can only pull data using the token via a data export call.







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Hmm, if that is the case I would advise

1.) That the Yammer admin downloads the data for you
2.) Elevates your permissions to be a Yammer Admin ( so you can perform it
3.) Raise to Microsoft with a Ticket stating that the until parameter does not seem to work as expected performing the export where the Team will guide you

Just for understanding, can you export using the since parameter for the last few months? Just want to understand whether you can export anything at all, or whether this is a data size issue trying to export the data so far back.

Best, Chris

Hi Christopher,

yes the "since" param works fine for a few months of data. but If I add "until" for a few months it does not work.

what is the link to raise a ticket for this?

Thanks and regards,

Vidya Ranjit.


Hi Vidya,

You would have your admin open a ticket in the Office 365 admin portal for you. That is the best way.

Best, Chris