Yammer Dashboard does not match O365 Yammer Usage Report

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I noticed today that my Yammer dashboard tells me I have a very large number of engaged users in the last 28 days.  When I export O365's Yammer usage data for last 30 days and filter to users with more than zero 'read' activities, I get less than half of the dashboard number.  When I extend that usage report to 180 days, the number of users with 'read' activity is still smaller than the Yammer dashboard number.


Are Yammer dashboards broken, or do they have an extremely liberal way of defining engagement?  Or conversely... is the dashboard accurate and the O365 Yammer usage reports are broken?

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The Yammer dashboard has been a bit wonky for quite a while.  The absolute numbers aren't as important as the relative numbers.  If the trend is going up over the last 30 days, then that should refelect in the Yammer dashboard.  My understanding is that the O365 usage report is spot on.


@Amy Dolzine may have additional insight...

Thanks.  MS Support told me today not to trust any numbers in the Yammer dashboard.  They also said it was deprecated (which I don't remember seeing anywhere) and that it was being replaced by O365 usage reports.  Despite being incorrect, there's no way to hide it.  However, at some unclear date in the future the dashboard will automatically disappear.