Yammer Conversations as part of SharePoint Search

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This has probably been asked - but is there any chance of this happening in the near future?  We have moved from SharePoint conversations (which were searchable) to Yammer (which is not) - really miss being able to search in one place.  Thank you.

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Yes it would be nice to have Yammer content in Delve or SharePoint search.
The thought here is once Yammer is fully situated on the Office / Outlook substrate (back-end stuff) and aligns to data residency requirements, Yammer will appear in, be included by default in search results. :crossed_fingers: I credit much of the success of Yammer (and intranet search for that matter) to Yammer conversations appearing in SharePoint search results.

I know this is an older post... it is one of a very few that I could find regarding this topic.
Does any one have updates on the searching Yammer content in SharePoint being implemented... timelines... or any information regarding this to share?