Yammer consolidation date 16 Oct?

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Microsoft send out communications about the consolidation of subsidiary Yammer networks on 16 Oct. In our Yammer environment (Network Migration Section) there are still Networks mentioned to Migrate.


Why aren't they migrated on the 16th of Oct?



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Hi Jeroen,


Microsoft has started the migration of the networks on that date, but they haven't provided an end date and creating a ticket also won't give you the date when the merge will happen for your tenant. The recommendation is to merge the networks yourself as this would allow select the date. The network merge wizard is rather easy to use, just keep in mind that the users connecting to your parent network will receive a welcome email and make sure you're merging users to your preferred parent network. You could temporarily block this email in Exchange, just don't forget to open it up again as they won't receive any Yammer email notifications.