Yammer Connector for Teams needs private group support

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A company with several very large, but private Yammer groups would like to see them used more, but the organization is adopting Teams is a big way. Nothing wrong with that, except Teams doesn't provide the cross-team conversations this organization knows they need to have. Yammer does. We'd like to integrate their Teams with these private groups, but the only option that works for us is the Announcements--the other connector options require a public group.


If you agree this would be useful, vote up this UserVoice suggestion:



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Can't support this enough. This is my comment from LinkedIn, where I saw an article promoting Teams as the alternate to Yammer, rather than the (seriously, isn't it OBVIOUS?) whiskey-and-coffee divine pairing that it can and should be:


"I am very excited about Teams. I'm even more excited about the potential synchronicity between Teams and Yammer. Why? Because Teams, for all their lovely features, are silos. The only people in a Team were those invited, which closes off a world of opportunity. Whereas, a Team connected to a Yammer group via one click in a Team + tab can be ideally situated within a greater project, community of practice/interest and/or company context.


What Yammer offers a Team is the value of the unknown connection... in that even the most social of us do not (and cannot) know everyone in our company who KNOWS WHAT WE NEED, or NEEDS WHAT WE KNOW. This isn't just wordplay; it's shorthand for innovation, iteration, and knowledge reapplication across your company, all of which drive value. I could keep going...


Yammer also enables leadership "top floor to shop floor" connectivity, in the words of Cai Kjaer. You simply can't get that in a Teams environment, in a mid-size or larger company.


Features are shiny (I'm jazzed that edit and Skype integration are arriving in Yammer, of course)... but looking at workloads across my user base, my money is on the "and." It's Yammer AND Teams, or if you prefer, Teams AND Yammer. So if you made any progress with your network in the year you've invested, I'd encourage you to explore this one-two dynamic in places where it makes sense. Particularly, large projects and diffuse communities of practice, plus company-wide values and initiatives, any of which may spawn concentrated, high-velocity working Teams but benefit from more intermittent, broad-based connectivity in Yammer."

Totally agree. We turned on a Yammer connector to see it work but every single use case we can come up with involves private groups.

Fully agree, voted to get this changed.

Have added my vote, seems counterintuitive to keep these separate.

Just adding my voice to this need. We're ~80k employees and some groups (such as my own) are attempting to leverage Teams/Yammer on enterprise wide projects...without this feature the Teams Yammer connector doesn't do my team any good.

Voted. This is crucial in the adoption of Teams in smaller organisations that are already using Yammer channels. !

Voted and I cannot agree more with everyone. I'm just surprised that the thread started in 2017 and it's now Dec 2018 and private group support is still not supported.