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The recent Yammer article Top Yammer Community Managers: Four Things They Do Right showcased some great suggestions for creating and maintaining a successful community.  Some great recommendations included building a community with purpose, diversifying content, establishing check-ins, and including others in the process.




Do you already utilize these practices and how do they work for you? What are your key tips and best practices on maintaining a successful Yammer community?

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Part of my former job was to be responsible for M365 support communities in Yammer! I loved working with this great tool that can engage so many people interested in the same topics!
One of the things that made this successful was
- that I monitored all questions asked daily and provided as much info/answers as I could! If I had let the community only answer questions, the support would have been poor in the first instance. You need to "lead by example" by answering (nearly) all questions/posts, etc.
- I used to post one thing at least every day in one of the ten communities I managed (so one post a day, not 10 :p) to make sure all communities were living and engage people to do so as well! My post could be about a tip, a new governance rule, an extra support material that was made available, a new feature being rolled out, etc.
- Every two months a live event was broadcasted via Yammer. One of the users came, presenting how he/she leveraged M365 in his or her daily work. It was a 30-minutes session, with a 5-minutes short intro/conclusion by me, then 15 minutes demo by the user and 10 minutes for Q&A! Great session and the amazing thing about Yammer live events is that the conversation can continues even after the event under the video post!

On top of that, there were other things that made Yammer a success, among which:
- Yammer was the official tool for our communities of practices, where the conversations could take place
- Yammer counts various groups of interest not related to work: sport, pets, etc. (Pets of XX was the most visited group page!)
I hope these insights can help you !!!

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This was such a thoughtful response! Thank you so very much for your advice!