Yammer Categorisation

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We have recently seen the ability to add categories to Yammer groups and it seems that 

a) we have 2 labels for different users. 

b) It also seems like that any user can change the categories for a group.


(a) Is this how its supposed to work? 

(b) Shouldn't group admins be on the only ones to be able to change the category?


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I'm not sure what you mean in A) but in terms of B) yes anyone can set the category. While I agree with you it should only be the Group Admin or Network Admin, it does appear to be a feature not a bug.


More documentation about this here:


Hi @Kevin Crossman, thank you for your prompt response.


for my statement (a) the screenshots were shown to 2 different users when they want to categorise the group. I am confused as the different labels being shown. The icons are the same but the wording different.


Any ideas why?


We're having a slightly different issue...most users are not seeing the group categories at all, but at least one is so we know it's in our tenant (the My Organization, Community, Project labels).  Anyone else experiencing this?

Yes, this feature is being rolled out as an A/B test (a point that was left out of the release notes in the O365 Message Center, unfortunately).


looking at the Yammer Roadmap this feature seems to have been cancelled. Although I sympathize with the idea to have more structure in the group list, this feature really didn't really help.

The Yammer team at Microsoft could really improve the communication and process here. We already started to include this into the user communication and just by accident noticed it during a workshop.


There is a Service Updates Yammer group where the rollout details were discussed.  Short version is that it was always planned as an A/B test but that detail was omitted from the Message Center message.


Thanks for the information and the link.