Yammer bulk user update - update action

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Hello.  I've been running a process for almost 2 years now where if we inadvertenly have a user who signs up on Yammer with their netID address, we run a bulk user update to basically "rename" it to their first.last alias without them losing content or group memberships.  As soon as I run it, I can pull them up in Yammer and verify that the email address was updated.  Although the update fails if I run it on the same day they sign up, this process has always worked for me - even up until last Friday.  However just now when I ran a bulk update on about 18 users, it left the netID accounts on the system and they all now appear to have a second "pending" stub for their first.last.  This is not what I intended.  Anyone have any idea as to what could have changed since Friday and how I can fix this?

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When you say netID do you mean OrgID (as in their Office 365 account)? And is first.last@ the format of their email address which differs from their login?

If that is the case (I'm dangerously assuming it is) best practice from a user perspective is actually to have their Office 365 login match their email address. This is generally a bigger piece of work and something I advice all clients before they start their Office 365 journey - their UPN / Active Directory login should match their email address to keep things simple for end users.