Yammer bug: group joined notification

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Are others seeing this bug or is it just me/my circumstances?  Before when I had a notification that someone wanted to join a group I was offered both "Approve" and "Deny" options AND when I hovered on their name it would come up with their card so that I could make an informed decision.  Now only the "Approve" appears and hovering on the name only brings up the text "Notifications". This means I now have to go into the group interface to get the "Deny" option AND I have to click on their name to check on their details, hence their suitability for the group.  Note that the name card is appearing for other notifications such as the Likes.Untitled-2.jpg

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Per Angus Florance, this is a confirmed bug, and should be fixed soon!


When adding members to a Yammer group via .csv file, the counted number of members are not changed. Do invited members needs to accept invitation to get the counted number changed?

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An "invite" just adds them to the group, they don't accept anything but I don't think the counter and membership list will update until their next login.