Yammer Bug: Embed Bugs


Embed bugs. Get it? I have two things going on and I'm not sure if they're bugs or working as designed.


1) In one embed, we've embedded the group below a news article in our intranet - and I can't backspace to remove that group to post in another group. Is that typical? I recall in the past being able to backspace, remove the group and add an alternate group


2) I can't send a private message from the embed. I am trying to share an article with the Y share button / icon - and trying to share that link in a private message, not in a group. I get the error "please add a group to your list of recipients". Is this normal?

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best response confirmed by Amy Dolzine (MVP)

Hi Amy, 


A timely question that hopefully I’ve interpreted correctly. Timely as I am currently preparing for my Ignite theatre session in which I cover this subject. I’ve been recording my ideas for the session and the attached hopefully answers Question 1.


best response confirmed by Amy Dolzine (MVP)

As for Question 2. If you are using the Yammer Share button social action then there is no documented option that allows the sending of a Private Message as behind the scenes it uses the method for posting to a group (hence it asks for a group).

Very nice @Simon Denton thank you. Q1 Your video demonstrates what I thought the typical behavior should be, in this case, the "x" is not there on the group name and I cannot backspace. So I'll investigate further with our team to see if they've added some kind of additional coding that prevents the group from being deleted.


Q2 - thank you for explaining what's going on there with the Yammer Share button. I didn't know that.

I can't add an email (not of my organization) to share a video recorded from Teams. It keeps saying "please add a group to the list of recipients".

I don't want or need to add any group.