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We have been using Yammer Basic (free) since 9 years in our organisation, even before it was bought by Microsoft. We have a lot of content.


Recently we upgraded our Office licences for Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc. to office 365 including Yammer enterprise. Off course we would like to keep our content from Yammer Basic. One off our IT-employees contacted somebody at Microsoft by telephone, they referred to article: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/yammer/troubleshoot-problems/cannot-migrate-a-yammer-network-across... and told us a migration from basic to enterprise is not possible if you want to keep the content.


For me as the CEO of the company this is hard to accept. Your help is much appreciated if there is any possibility to upgrade to Yammer enterprise and keep our 9 years of content.


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Hi @Harrie Baas ,


That article references your Yammer network  being in a different tenant than your Office 365, is that true - i.e. you have different login details for Yammer than you do for Office 365?  You wont be able to migrate users in this scenario. 


If in the same tenant you will be able to migrate users but you won't  be able to migrate the content. I suspect there is a historical reason for this, probably from when Yammer wasn't part of Office 365.  

@Andrew Hodges 


Hi Andrew our yammer network was www.yammer.com/namecompany

We logged in with our email adresses name@namecompany.nl with a yammer password (which was different from our Office365 passwords)


Our new yammer enterprise is also at www.yammer.com/namecompany the old yammer (Basic) is only accessible by employees who haven't logged out or at with our mobile devices. As soon as you log out, you can only login tot the new Yammer enterprise. with our Office365 login and passwords. The users have the same e-mail address off course, but the password for Yammer basic was different from our Office365 account which is the password for our AD.


I hope this answers your question

@Harrie Baas 


Sounds like you have managed to migrate the users and what Microsoft would consider a network consolidation. Afraid it is true that the old content will be lost and there are no tools out there that I have seen to migrate the content from one network to the other. It does seem odd that it is not provided, I suspect its due to different versions or platforms left over from the purchase of Yammer when it wasn't part of Office 365. 

@Andrew Hodges 


I'm so disappointed  in this answer. We're talking about 9 years of content. Upgrading from Basic to Enterprise. Could someone from Microsoft give an official statement on this question? How to upgrade from basic to enterprise with Yammer without losing the content.

They don't monitor/respond in this forum. Best route to get an answer would be via a ticket in the Office365 admin centre or via your account manager I am afraid.
Harrie, we have *exactly* the same problem: created yammer.com/redquadrant.com in 2009, still a free network, we stand to lose *all* our data, Microsoft referred us to two 'partners' but one doesn't do migration at all, the other does it for people with >10k users, so quoted £36-110k to move us!
We have a full MS365 setup at redquadrant.com for the last two years, but apparently transfer is too difficult - it's incredibly frustrating.
NB though that if you want to continue to use the old Yammer, set your browser to retain no yammer.com cookies and be sure to go to the full URL (as in yammer.com/redquadrant.com above) and you can still use the old one - until the end of the year when they cut it off! The URLs will definitely be different albeit only subtly - and new Yammer does crazy redirects.
I emailed Yammer Basic Deprecation <email address removed for privacy reasons> (if this gets blocked, it's yammer basic depreciation [at] service dot Microsoft dot com) and they instructed me to

1) look in the new network at settings / network admin / success / new network checklist section
and see if your network is 'activated in the EU Geo' or 'US Geo'
If it's EU - as probably will be in your case - even they say the case is hopeless, probably due to GDPR.
IF it's US - as with us (wouldn't have been our wishes!), THEN...

2) "Your next step will be to coordinate data migration, as Microsoft does not offer that as a service. We have partners who provide data migration services; some are listed here: Yammer Partner Program, Yammer (microsoft.com) Talk Social to Me and WM Reply are two vendors who specifically handle change management and migration. One of them should be able to assist you going forward."
Thank link: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/yammer/partners

However, Talk Social To Me are super expensive and WM Reply don't do it :(

@Harrie Baas In case, you are still looking for solutions, I would recommend Apps4Pro Migration manager tool. It will help you to move the data offline and after re-provisioning in EU Geo, you can import the offline data. 0% data loss and this can be performed by yourself.