Yammer Auto Activate Pending Users



We were checking the possiblity of Activate the pending users via REST API or powershell. Currently users has to login to Yammer.com for the account to get activated. Also i see currently no Documented Rest API or powershell script that does this activation.


Please let us know if we can do this via code.




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I very highly doubt this is possible.  The verification routine ensures that the email is valid and that the user wishes to participate with Yammer.  

Is there any workaround for this? Any way to get people's account activated?


Are there any non-technical ways (if at all) to achieve this?


I do not believe in forcing people to use an enteprise app, but an account not getting activated on an enteprise app, when its considered to be part of an enterprise suite is rather strange. 



Even we are looking for resolution on this particular task.


We want an automated process to onboard users without making them visit yammer app.

I agree with that Yammer users should be automatically activated if they are already an Office 365 user. It's the only service in O365 that requires the user to take additional action to participate, image if Stream required you to activate before you could view and comment on videos, why should Yammer be different. Most organizations I work with have identified the scenarios where Yammer plays are part in the overall O365 eco system and don't need an additional onboarding service that they have no control over the messaging.
Most organizations have now had to create comes about Yammer to explain why there is an additional activation even though Yammer is embedded in sites and News articles already.