Yammer app on iOS doesnt show conversation messages

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Any idea why we our users (iOS Yammer app, using the latest version) are seeing the following message for some of the posts. This seems to happen more frequently in an external group than others.


"To view this message, please update your app. If you're using the most recent version already, please view this message on the web"


Also in few cases the replies to a post flashes on the screen then just disappears somewhere (might be some fancy ui hide/show but I cant figure it out in that case) if I open up the conversation it shows no replies even if there are.





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From what I can tell based on an internal Yammer thread on the same topic, this appears to be happening for External Groups, which are not yet supported on iOS. Are you trying to access an External Group on iOS when this error occurs?

They seem to work fine on an iPhone but not on an iPad. I really don't understand why the iPad experience is so radically different (and often broken) in comparison to the iPhone. It acts as if the app has entirely different code based on the device being used. It would be a better user experience and easier to maintain if both devices got the same app resized for the screen.

Hi Steve, yes in most cases this issue is present when accessing the External group, however it has been seen also in "normal" groups but not as frequently. 


Here's the thread referred to by @Steve Nguyen.


Just noted that I getting the same message on an up to date App on a Microsoft Phone.