Yammer app crashes when tap on 'see conversations'

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Hi all. I've had it reported by several people in the community I manage that the app crashes when they tap on someone's profile, then on 'see conversations'. I've tried it on my phone and the same happens! 


I'm using Yammer for iPhone version 6.7.16 and operating system 10.2.1. I've tried deleting the app and reinstalling. Anyone else getting this issue? It's a big problem for our largely mobile audience. Please help! 

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Yup, I've reproduced this issue as well.  Looks like a bug.  Thanks for calling it out.  You can call in a ticket if you'd like, and people will start to see this from your post as well.


By the way, is that a common thing to do in your environment?  Just curious - I've been using Yammer for years and I don't think I've ever done that.

OK, thanks for the response. Any idea when the next update is out? How do I know if I'm qualified to call in a ticket? A consultant of ours has done it on our behalf for previous issues. 


It's a fairly regular thing to do, yeah. It's helpful when looking for a previous post you know came from an individual, but might not be able to remember the group. It's a quick way of getting a list of all the posts, cross-group, for one person. 


About 65% of our posts are mobile, so it's definitely well used. How would you usually find posts from a specific user? 

Everyone is qualified.  :)  Sort of.  You can initiate support help from within the Office 365 Administration console, if you have rights to it.  There's also Online Yammer Support here, and a list of links depending on the level of service you have purchased with Microsoft, including "none".  


Usually I can remember a snippet of the post I want to find, rather than the person who posted it.  So I use the search function to find it, using that remembered string, which also runs cross-group.  

Thanks for the info Tom. 


Pleased to say Yammer version 6.7.17 updated over the weekend and this seems to be fixed ;) 

Good news!  :)