Yammer API to filter threads/ posts by admin of that group or community


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I am trying to find a yammer API which filters the posts in a group which is posted only by the admin of that specific group. 

Currently using the below API

With PowerShell command , i pass the body as below

$response = Invoke-WebRequest -Uri $feedAPIUrl -Headers $headers -Method Post -Body $requestBody


$feedAPIUrl is the above URL

$headers = @{ Authorization=("Bearer " + $yammerAccessToken) }

$requestBody = "feed(threads(thread_id,is_announcement,messages(id,created_at),pin_data(pinned_by,pinned_at,expires_at)))"

The response does not contain whether it is posted by admin or members. Like the one we have for groups (is_group_admin) for the api - https://www.yammer.com/api/v1/groups/$GroupId/...... , do we have something similar to filter posts posted by Admin(s).

Any help and references are much obliged. Thanks in advance.

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