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I am looking into Yammer to handle a use case since Microsoft doesn't provide a digest functionality for Groups.  We'd like to have a private network that can be updated by an external user who is not in the group.  We have a monitoring system that sends alerts and reports, we'd like those sent daily to a group of people.  However, we do not have access or control of the mailbox used by the monitoring system.  Is this possible in Yammer?

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I'm not entirely sure I understand but if a user isn't a member of a group they can't post to it. You might want to look into using Microsoft Flow to receive an email somewhere then post to a group as a member.
Hi Will, can you share more about what you mean by 'update the group'? I believe an external member can contribute to the group via messages they have been invited to. i.e. post messages, like, reply, etc. If you're looking for an external member to be a group admin, I don't believe they would be able to unless they are a member of the network. Hope this helps.

Steven, thank you, this answered the question.  I'll take a look at Flow.