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Does anybody know of a way to force the announcement emails to show the whole announcement rather than requiring the user to log in to yammer to view more than a couple of lines? Our users are often not bothering to log in to view them when they initially see the email, then forgetting to log in later.

At the moment our emails look like this:


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No, there is no way to modify the automatic emails.  If your announcement is short enough, the whole thing will be sent.  But past a certain number of characters, it'll get truncated.


One alternative is to configure a Flow to send the content of an announcement to an email address / distribution group.  But of course that wouldn't allow for individuals to opt in and out of notifications like Yammer does.


Wish the answer was the one you were hoping for, sorry that it's not.


By the way, once you integrate your Windows logon with Office 365, then the authentication process is seamless.  In our environment, clicking on the link opens right up, without ever authenticating.

Thanks for the advice, it's really appreciated even if there is no easy solution to my problem.

Perhaps we can help brainstorm ways to entice users to click through to view; something that really answers the What's In It For Me? that the mere fact of an Announcement isn't stimulating.


Are they being overused, at all?