Yammer and OneDrive Integration


Trying to get some clarification on how the integration between OneDrive and Yammer is working now, and will work in the future.


The "promise" that I have perceived this integration will bring that we can share a file from OneDrive to Yammer, and whether that file is changed in OneDrive or Yammer, wherever we look at the file it will represent the latest changes. But sadly, I have not seen it working this way.


1. I created a file in OneDrive

2. I went into a Yammer group in our home network and posted the file to our Yammer group file library from OneDrive.

3. I made a change to the file in OneDrive. That change was not reflected in the version in the Yammer group.

4. I made a change to the file in the Yammer group. That change was not reflected in the version in OneDrive.



Additionally, it seems like the file picker is continually changing. Sometimes, I go to the "Upload File" button in the file library, and I see a traditional file picker, other times I see a dedicated OneDrive option.


Any insight on to what the functionality should be/is now vs. what it will be in the future? Thanks!


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The current situation is that there is no linkage between a file in your OneDrive (or SharePoint for that matter) and the copy of the file you add to the Yammer files. At present the way to keep in sync is to post a link to the file in OneDrive or SharePoint. Granted this is a bit clunky as it is a manual copy paste exercise. As an aside I recommend using 'Restricted' links from OneDrive / SharePoint as that avoids establishing unique permissions (unique permissions = long term nightmare when it comes to knowing who can access what etc.). This has the added benefit of creating a separate page in Yammer for the link (so you can have many separate conversations around the file in different groups or at different times).


The roadmap item to watch is "Yammer integration with Office 365 Groups" as the delivery of this item signals the start of the move towards using OneDrive / SharePoint to replace Yammer files. A Yammer enabled Office 365 Group would in time have access to the Groups storage, OneNote etc. Elements on the SharePoint roadmap will further tighten and improve the files experience in Yammer.