Yammer and Edge not playing nicely. Constant 'We're unable to load conversations'




We've recently embraced Yammer at my work and embedded a couple of Yammer WPs on a SharePoint Communication site based Intranet. Yammer's been a big hit (possibly to the detriment of people visiting the actual Communication site as many head straight to Yammer!) But the problem is that most of our users use the Edge browser, as we suggest they do, but the Yammer WPs are nearly always not showing up, and users have to refresh the page to get the posts back, or more often they don't think to refresh and they are just left with an ugly page. 


Conversations aren't loading right now. Check back soon


The only solution I've found so far is to use Chrome, and there is never a problem there. Which is so annoying. I really don't want to have to tell my users they are off using Chrome with 365. I've experimented with clearing cache in Edge but I've not found anything that improves the issue, and telling users to keep clearing their cache is hardly sustainable either.


I've found someone with the same problem on here from last year so suspect it's not a recent Edge bug.


Any ideas welcome,




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@Paul Chapman recommend you escalate the bug (with examples, screenshots, fiddler traces, etc.) though your MS Support process for your organization.

I will Kevin, thanks. I didn't before as I wanted to have some idea myself of what was going on. I've replicated the page in question (and why isn't that easier to do in modern pages??) and then I went through and systematically deleted WPs. My finding is that the SharePoint Modern Page does NOT like having both the Yammer Highlights and Yammer Conversations web parts on the same page. As soon as I deleted the conversations webpart the problem vanishes.

This is only in Edge by the way.

Will contact support now I have something tangible to tell them.

@Paul Chapman Hi Paul,


Did you get a response from support?


We're encountering the same issue with conversations not loading - only in Edge!


Hi Fraser,
We ended up leaving just the Highlights webpart up. But then not long after we started getting exactly the same issue even with just the Highlights part. I contacted support who were able to replicate the issue on their own servers and got back to me within the week to say the problem was resolved. And it was. We now have both forms of Yammer webpart on our homepage and works fine, even in Edge. No clue was given as to the cause.


Thank you very much, Paul.

I'll give support a shout and see if we can get it resolved.

Many thanks,