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                        I have the following question from one of our customers.   Any help will be appreciated.


“We are basically using this group to flash internal job openings within our group, where users will post job opportunities and interested candidates will apply/comment. Wanted to check what kind of reports or raw data or analytics can we get from Yammer. In a month, let’s say, we would be interested to know how many openings were posted from a BU, how many applied, how many liked/shared, etc. “


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In my opinion, it would work much better with sharepoint. One way is to post job on sharepoint, and the announcement on Yammer, let people ask questions, have the discussions..etc. In the actual application of the job, provide the sign up link and let them apply in sharepoint. In that way you can better track the the # of jobs vs the # of applications etc.


In Yammer, you can't restrict a member from posting, so HR can post a job ad, someone else can post something else which is no a job ad (eg My husband relocatiing, Any posting avaliable in New York?). And the rely can be a comment, an actual expression of interest, or a comment.


So IMO Yammer is not a good platform for what you are trying to do.



Hi Rajeev,


Have you considered recommending a third party solution for your customer to track Yammer? CardioLog Analytics can track many aspects of Yammer usage like likes, influential users, posted messages, content contributions, active users, influential content, user activity and more. The solution helps stakeholders and admins to better engage their portal users, and provides detailed usage reports accompanied by unique analytics insights. 


For further information, check out http://www.intlock.com/demo

Hope this helps!

Yammer is for discussions, so it is really easy to target a post at a specific community, so in this case to make your group aware of job opportunities, and Yammer is then the ideal place to allow further questions / clarification about those opportunities (I've done something similar before for arranging shift swaps for specific teams) ... however, Yammer is not the place for processing those opportunities or tracking interest in them.


Analytics on Yammer is poor, it would be difficult to work out analytics down to an inidividual post level, so you couldn't work out how many people saw the opportunity, or applied. Or group the opportunities by BU.


It would also be difficult to remove the opportunity once it's past the application date, or if the role was filled or removed.