Yammer All Company, What is the difference?

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Hello all -


The All Company group was deleted so I asked support to restore it.  In the meantime, I built a temporary All Company group named after our business as we recently implemented Yammer and needed a company community. 


Now that All Company has been restored, I am seeing no differences in All Company and a regular community.  Support said it's different and has more features, but I am not seeing that.  Can anyone clarify this please?  I obviously want the additional features if they are available but if they aren't, I'd rather delete that one and use the one I built.  Plus, it looks like I cannot control the members of All Company.  Please see the link below sent to me by support.  I went through each thing and see that regular communities have all of the same features.  Thanks


All Company now works like other Yammer communities - Yammer | Microsoft Docs

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The main thing is that All Company automatically has everyone with access to Yammer in your org, without having to do anything extra to populate it.

It is better to use the default All Company all things being equal, since in the future Yammer may provide some additional features to All Company and you're using your faux All Company you won't get them.

Note that All Company can now be renamed, if you wanted to provide more of a org-specific name.

@Kevin Crossman thanks for the update, that is helpful. 

Is there something in AD that distinguishes this group once I rename it?  Does Microsoft use the identifier to send updates?



Will you ping me if you get an update? I am currently updating Sharepoint site for "All Groups" and have tried renaming, however it is not carrying over anything,