Yammer Admin option missing

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Hi All,


Please can anyone help me with why I cannot see the Network Admin option in Yammer? I've been an admin for more then a year now.

Please check the attached.

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Somone could have removed your access.  When you are in the All Compnay group, check out the members area in the upper right.  The people with a star are your Admins, you could reach out to one of them and see if they removed your access.

Yeah, what Erin said.


Also, less likely but strange things happen, clear your cookies & cache and relaunch Yammer. Every so often there are temporary overlaps between networks (it seems like you have one External Network).

Thanks Erin. I see that today the Network Admin option is back. I am not sure if this was a temporary issue and there was no alert/notification sent out for this.
Thank you Becky, the option is back and I did not have do anything else.