Yammer adding blurred bars on the sides of embedded/attached video posts.

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Hi all, 


I have noticed that Yammer has started adding blurred, adaptive bars to videos that does not conform to Yammer's preferred aspect ratio for videos. Square format videos and 800x1000px videos all get these blurry sidebars. This was not the case previously. 


The problem persists on mobile. 


My questions is: 1) is there a way of disabling the blurred side bars? and 2) what is the preferred aspect ratio for videos in Yammer? 


I look forward to your response. 

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Pretty sure that the video player expects the video to be 16x9. So if the video is narrower (e.g.4x3, square, tall) then that when the blurred sidebars come in. I see this affect all the time with news broadcasts of old 4x3 SD video.

AFAIK this can't be disabled. If there's a problem then I'd escalate it to Microsoft through your Microsoft Support process for your org.

@Kevin Crossman It seems they've changed the blurred bars to just light grey bars. Looks nicer now.