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We have been adding external users onto our external network programmatically through Yammer's REST API (specifically the endpoint /users/[:id].json to add users) for the past 5 months now and all of a sudden confirmation emails weren't being sent out. We're trying to determine what the issue is and we have found that the code to conduct the function has not been changed in any way. Thus, we were just wondering if anyone would know if some changes have been made to the REST APIs, specifically for Adding Users as we would just like to consider all the factors for this problem


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Might not be a change in the API, but rather a change in how the confirmation email is triggered.  I assume the accounts are showing up in the data export?  A call to support may be warranted.


Have you tried to to use the Bulk Update Users feature in the admin screen?  Might be a workaround while you figure out what's going on with the API method.