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Hi, I work with a company that has recently been acquired by another company. We'd like to continue using our existing Yammer account (with all its history), but all company e-mails will be updated to the new company's e-mail standard. So, can we change the network e-mail and name, avoid log-in issues and continue using the existing account with a URL that reflects the new company name?

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Does the aquiring company already have a Yammer network in place that they are using? To get the URL of the Yammer network changed, you can do a network merge but one 'side' of the merge will lose its content, so if they don't have a network then that might be optimal. You can create a new network under the new domain, and then merge in your existing network. Please look at this guidance to https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Network-migration-Consolidate-multiple-Yammer-networks-a22c...

You can update the email addresses that are 'default' for your Yammer network in your Office 365 admin panel.