Would you Like/Give Likes to your own post?

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Curiosity is the name behind this one.


A member in our network likes their own posts.


When I started to realise this I thought, hmmmh, interesting.


I don't myself but ruminating on it I am now wondering is it a bit odd or could/should it take off a little? 


Look forward to your thoughts. :)

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Liking your own post, I don't want to call it strange necessarily but I don't see the point. It doesn't add any value and it comes across potentially as being arrogant maybe?  


I wouldn't ever intentionally like my own post - if I did it accidentally I'd undo it quickly before anyone noticed!


Not recent but this is quite a nice article on the common use of Like in Yammer and may serve as a good practice: 



Thanks for sharing the blog.

If I was asked why and when you should like a post probably would have only given back a handful of reasons. The blog gives plenty more.


I'm more and more coming to see the 'self liking' person as a bit cute in their enthusiasm.

They are posting regularly, yay!


I will never like one of my own posts but as to someone else, I try to be non-judgemental.

It even works sometimes. ;p

Liking your own posts seems odd, yes!

We regularly encourage people to use Like as an acknowledgement so authors get feedback without triggering notifications to everyone else following the conversation. We also tell people a Like is the quickest way to follow a conversation because quite frankly they are not going to click on the three dots and select Follow most of the time.
I don't like my own posts, it seems a bit egotistical (and I have quite an ego :) ).
My view is if you are sharing something on Yammer then most likely you already like it, and the point of the like button is for others to share their own views without adding comment.
Liking your own posts would be weird on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other social media platform I would think.