Why won't Yammer let us control... [insert your pain point here]

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At some point, every community manager has thought it. Why won't Yammer let me control this? From the "All Company" image to the email notification defaults, why won't you listen to us...?!


So. Here's the thing. If you're going to own or run a Yammer network, please read one or both of these files. The first is a capture from Microsoft Product Manager Ron Blandford, from July 2016. It's his explanation of why Yammer simply can't afford to offer this kind of control and customization.


The second is a short sub-set of presentation slides and notes from a SharePoint Saturday, on the same subject. They're a bit more colorful and graphic, but hey, if Yammer's Director of UX can take it (and she liked 'em), and they work for you, then use and share as you see fit. I hope it saves people some of the time and frustration I wasted on my own journey!


(By the way, I'm having incredible trouble inserting files here. I hope I can fix this. We can't upload .jpg? And if we try, say, three times, we can't get rid of that crap in our own post?)

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Have to say that I'm much more excited that Yammer's philosophy in regards to rate of change is starting to rub off on Microsoft.
Great presentation Melanie, and on topically I might plagiarize bits of this if you don't mind.

Just let me know if you want editable format, Bob. I trust you.

I want to rewrite the font size of the yammer embedded feed to have it more integrated into our CI deisgn. How to archive that?

Please post this question (and any unrelated question) in a fresh thread, Sebastian. This is not something I know, and I'd like to make sure that others who might know see the inquiry.