Why is the Yammer All Company community connected to a SP team site and not to a communication site?



It's kind of weird and does not make much sense that a Yammer All Company community site that is meant for company-wide communications, is connected to SharePoint team site and not to a communication site. 

A SharePoint communication site would be ideal for the All Company community. A SharePoint team site is primarily meant for departmental use purposes and looks different, including the navigation elements, though it can be used for wider audience. A SP communication site is ideal for company wide communication.


I understand behind the scene Yammer and other M365 services tie with O365 Groups that uses a SharePoint team site, and this is why this All Company community is tied with a SP team site. But this SP team site in this case is just not right and it appears to be a poor design. It needs to be connected to a SP communication site.  


What do you think?


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@Monir Nothing wrong with your logic here. I know the Yammer team is aware of this line of thinking and is looking to find a way to address it.

@Kevin Crossman thanks and it's  good to hear Yammer team is thinking the same - it just makes sense really.  

I hadn't considered this as part of our migration to new Yammer. Any specific advice about configuration or monitoring of the 'all company' site.



I take you are referring to the this 'https://company-name.sharepoint.com/sites/allcompany'  that is tied with the 'All Company' community. 


Yes, there are quite a few things you can do as it's just another SharePoint Online team site, and it all depends on how you're going to leverage this 'All Company' community. 


If you are in the 'All Company' community and click the 'About' tab under the All Company name, it will display the community resources on the right side, and under resources you can see the SharePoint links. One of the links is SharePoint site and clicking on this will take you to the SharePoint site. And you can then design and manage the site anyway you would like with your provided given rights. In terms of permission configuration, you need to be careful how you configure based on the needs, i.e., if you want community users to be able to upload files to the SharePoint site when attaching files in the community then they must have at least contribute access. Since this community is open to all (public) hence, the permission by default  is set for "Everyone except external users" and the 'All company Members' to edit, meaning all company users can do these: Can add, edit and delete lists; can view, add, update and delete list items and documents. So focus on what you publish there and what you want users be able to do. You can manage the permission based on your needs.


To me, the SharePoint site that is tied with this 'All Company' community site is the ideal place for the corporate news, announcement etc., since it is by default open to all company users and membership is managed automatically based on M365 / AAD active users. and any announcement posted here goes to all users. For this community, there could be a few admins who can mange this community, ideally those folks could be from the corporate communications team along with maybe 1 or 2 IT folks. There is an improvement coming to be able to post 'on behalf of' someone e.g., CEO, President etc., 

However, to me, to be able to share corporate news  Yammer itself is not good enough at this stage of Yammer, SharePoint communication site needs to be leveraged as you want to be able to organize and display your news history nicely. But together SharePoint Online communication site and Yammer make a great news communication and engagement experience. As you can add the Yammer Conversation web part on the communication site for users to discuss and get engaged on the news.

@Monir yeah this comes up a lot and is something that the product team is looking to solve. In the meantime, here is a workaround that (kind of) get you there: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/yammer-blog/bring-yammer-conversation-into-your-sharepoint-co...  

@Michael Holste Thanks.


Good to hear that the product team is looking into it. It just makes sense to use the Communication site.


Yes, I have tried the workaround and it's a good workaround but the challenge is you now have two sites to manage what can cause confusion from time to time.   Hoping the actual solution will be available sooner than later. Thanks