Why doesn't yammer allow display of RStudio/Jupyter notebooks in HTML?

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Data scientists often create  results from data analysis in notebooks from RStudio or Jupyter that can be displayed in HTML.  Why doesn't yammer allow data scientists to share output from such notebooks directly in Yammer -- without being forced to down the  HTML files?

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@efglynn I am not familiar with these file formats.


Are there other similar tools/platforms that do directly support these formats?

@efglynn I misunderstood what you meant by HTML files in your first post.


That said, uploading HTML files to services like Yammer, SharePoint etc. is problematic. It doesn't treat the file like a traditional file server or web server would. Heck, even in Google Drive the HTML page opens in plain-text mode.

@efglynn It sounds like from this thread and the one about Markdown that Yammer is probably not the tool for you. Think Twitter or Facebook, not Slack, and that's what Yammer is.