Why cant i see Yammer Analytics link anymore

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I am listed as Network admin in Officer 365 yammer for our organization. There used to be place where i could see users Analytics within my organization which is no longer visible anymore. Is that link no longer available?

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We previously had the analytics inside Yammer as a Yammer app, but they removed it. You can now find the analytics in the O365 admin center (reports > usage). This is the direct link https://portal.office.com/adminportal/home#/reportsUsage/YammerActivity You do need an admin account to access the report. 

slightly related. Is it possible to get Group membership data. Specifically the date and time a user joined group. The idea here is to award the 100th, 1000th joiner etc. to a group

The Yammer connector in Flow doesn't have the required trigger/action to achieve this. Think the only option you have is to write code. This thread could help or check the following page. You can also look at the Yammer app directory. There are some third-party apps for analytics/gamification which could have this feature.