Who has the admin rights?

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We've been using Yammer for our company for a few years now. Over the years there have been a lot of changes in teams. 

We've come to realize we don't know who has the admin rights in our company page. How can I find this out? I honestly also don't know if we have a paid version of Yammer, or the free version or the 365 version. Our company page is


Thanks in advance!


Tatiana van den Bosch


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You should be able to see this in the Yammer Admin Centre. Please refer to this article how to find and manage Yammer Admins


If you have Office 365 you should be able to login to I personally don't think you have Office 365 because I did a check on your domain ( on MX Toolbox and cannot see any MX or TXT records linked to Office 365. 


Hope that answers your question


Best, Chris

@Tatianavdbosch you can also find out who the admins are by visiting the "all company" group, clicking on "members" in the top right corner. The (verified) network admins will be listed there. The global admins for your O365 tenant are automatically added as admins for the Yammer network. 

Hi @Christopher Hoard just wondering if you know of a solution where there is only 1 admin previously set up and we have no way to access the Yammer Group through that user account.


How do we basically break-in and add real admins that are around today? 

@TanCart If the groups are O365 Groups based, there are a number of endpoint to manage members.


Or, your network admin can edit the membership of any Yammer group.