Which Yammer Group is connected to which Office 365 Group ?

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Whenever you create a Yammer space , an O365 Group gets created automatically.

Is there a possibility for the Admin to see which Yammer Group is connected with which O365Group?

(I have raised the same question to the MS Team Community as well because this question is valid for MS Teams too)


following scenario:

User A creates Yammer space "Sales" --> sales@  Group gets created

User B creates Yammer space "Sales" --> sales2222@ Group gets created (with a random number)


For an Admin:

  • How can i see which Yammer space is now connected to which Group ?
  • Where do i see which SharePoint Site URL is used for the Yammer Group
  • How can the Yammer Owner see the mail address (exchange mailbox) which is being creaeted ?


Are there any PowerShell cmdlets available for this ?


thank you


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We don't have any Group-enabled Yammer groups yet. But if you run the Get-UnifiedGroup command, there is a property called YammerEmailAddress. That may be a starting point.

Get-UnifiedGroup -Identity "Group Name" | Select YammerEmailAddress

The SharePoint site is there as well

Get-UnifiedGroup -Identity "Group Name" | Select SharePointSiteUrl

Thank you Brent!


This is for sure a starting point.

I was not aware of these two properties (i only checked the technet article where properties are not really documented)


but with...

        Get-UnifiedGroup -Identity <groupname> | Format-List

..i get all the props


thank you