Where to get statsistics from Yammer posts viewed in Outlook

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Since the new feature of Yammer posts in Outlook was implemented many people are reading posts in outlook instead of going to Yammer to read like and comment and it would be great to have views statistics form outlook as well (the viewed number is in the outlook mail itself, and it is increased life once person opens th) I could not find where I can get collective statistics of the posts from my Yammer group that have been viewed in Outlook. I've already checked options and Group insights excel report but it seems that the view count that is visible in the Outlook mail is not available in Yammer statistics. Am I missing something? Is there way to collect those statistics from other source? Or maybe this feature is not yet implemented?



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@EdytaJ There's a private customer community where I've given that same feedback to the Yammer team. You might consider reaching out via your account team or support team, or to Yammer uservoice. https://yammer.uservoice.com/