Where is Yammer Notifier installer

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Where is Yammer Desktop Notifier installer, the tool formerly available prior to Yammer Desktop?


This would sit in the notifications area letting me know when there was a new post.  I searched for this on the web and either ... 1) found it on a non-Microsoft web sites, or 2) just found the Yammer Desktop app.


I push my folks to the browser, so we use Yammer in a browser, and use the desktop Notifier.

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I see what you mean, it wasn't clear at all! I did find it though eventually, only because it was mentioned here:


That link works in IE and will trigger an installation when opened.


Installing Yammer Notifier.png


Afterwards, login to the Notifier:




Thanks!  I was able to install from the link you provided!


I find it odd that that the app was removed.  I'm going to miss this app if it is deactivated.  I was also able to download the app from the link, then install from the local drive.  I'll use my downloaded app, going forward for all my installs, incase Microsoft makes this one disappear.  I'll have to see what happens if the app is updated.

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Bad news I'm afraid ...


In May of 2018, we will remove the following Yammer features ....

  • The Yammer desktop notifier application



Hmmm.  Bad news for those of us that live in the browser.

I currently have both apps resident in my SysTray. Will the notification functionality of the Notifier be added to the Desktop app?

I don't use the desktop notifyer app (I'm a Mac user...) what features are you looking for/to be replicated? Have you tried the Yammer Desktop app? I do see good notification integration with dock/system tray.

@Steven Colliersuch a drag. anyone have a copy :) I love it.

The Yammer desktop app can send notifications to the windows 10 action center. However I would prefer a light weight notifier app. I wonder if there is a third party alternative.