Where is the 'Hide conversation' feature?

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Since new Yammer came along, some of my colleagues have noticed they can no longer hide a single conversation. They can only hide a community. Am I not seeing the Hide conversation feature? Is it hiding from me? Or has it been removed and if so, what's the reason? 

I understand the point being made, that being able to hide a conversation is useful - it's too heavy handed to have to mute an entire community if all you want to do is mute a conversation you don't need to see lots of replies to. 

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@Mark Allotey I had the same question as one of my communities comprised of a large number of very active Yammer users incorporated the "Hide Conversation" feature into one of their daily business processes. According to the New Yammer FAQ, the Hide Conversation feature is no longer available. It's very unfortunately, because it was a very important feature for our users in their daily work and now it's gone. I really hope the @YammerTeam will bring this feature back to the New Yammer.