Where did the email option go?


Does anybody know where the email (post) option go?

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Hi William. I still see the option to "post to this group by email." But only in a Yammer group. I don't see the option in the "All Company" or "All Network" group.

You can email into the All Company group in this format




e.g. when your site URL looks like yammer.com/<tenant>

If you're referring to the "Email Me" link that used to be with posts, its removal has been part of an A/B test for a bit. I am not sure if there's been a final decision about it. It is gone from my network as well.

This is, or was, a feature I used quite often. It's a strange way to treat your customers, remove a feature without notification.

I can't see how you can do any A/B testing on a feature by removing it.

I, for one am really hoping it comes back.  My folks used it constantly for creating a link to put in their follow-up list (tasks, OneNote, etc).

I hear you. 


I think it's a way to generate honest feedback--if people don't notice something is gone, then maybe it wasn't used overmuch. But if people DO notice it, especially without being prompted to, and they say something about it, well, that's some pretty key input. 


Being part of the test can be unsettling!