When does a new user's name show up in Yammer


Hello everyone — Just was curious if there is a standard time (or configurable) before a newly created user account starts to show up in Yammer. 


In our Office365 tenant, once a new user account is created in AD, within 30minutes all the applicable licences are applied and he/she can log into Yammer immediately after that. However, if anyone else wants to tag them, @mention them or use the dropdown in 'add people' when creating a new post in Yammer, then their names don't show up. In fact, their names don't show up for almost a day or two. 


How can I ensure that their names show up immediately or earlier, so that we can tag new people on the day of their joining.



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Users have to create their own Yammer accounts (unless something has changed that I'm not aware of). This is not the case for the other applications. You should be able to tag their email address if they haven't yet created their account which will send them an email notification and the email address will resolve to their name as soon as they create their account. Assigning the license will add tile to the app launcher and the overview on office.com. Account is created as soon as they click on it. 

Thanks @Pooya Obbohat for your reply.


I am aware of Yammer accounts being created only after user logs in for the first time. However, I have seen usernames show up in auto-complete when I try to tag someone (with @ or in "add people" section), even before the user has logged in. But I have usually seen it take some time delay before the names show up in auto-complete. Hence my query to see how we can reduce the time delay.

Remember seeing something like that before. Believe this was Yammer doing something smart with the email address (firstname.lastname@domain.com). This only worked after I invited the users to Yammer using a CSV file. Don't think there is a way to reduce the time delay. I'll test your scenario in my tenant to see if it resolves names for users without an account that I have only given a license. Haven't seen that happen before. Something must have changed then on the backend for this to happen.