What will be relationship between Yammer and LinkedIn?

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After Microsoft acquired Skype, we gradually saw the merging of Lync with Skype, now business Lync became Skype for Business.

Is this same target to see Yammer with LinkenIn?

May I know any hints on the strategy?

We're just started Yammer journey, don't want to waste time if need to adopt to one alternative soon, and Yammer (what if) will be dropped.

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My cent: Linkedin vs Yammer would in the short term by like the new Facebook at Work vs the familiar Facebook network.


The consumerbased solutions (Linkedin + Facebook) are based on your private identity and your private network, while the workplace solutions (Yammer + Facebook at Work) are based on your employee identity and your workplace network.


You may see some functionalities being exported/imported between Linkedin and Yammer. You may even see some integrations, for instance people directories in Office 365/Yammer enriched with Linkedin information. But as solutions, offerings and networks they will be kept separate.


I would therefore keep investing in Yammer and focus on the ongoing integration with the Office 365 suite and upcoming integrations with Office 365 Groups, Skype, Teamsites etc.