What is wrong with the UI - whitespaces in Yammer

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Since a couple of weeks maybe months I noticed some changes in our interface. I uploaded an image with this posts to show what I mean. Anyone having a solution for this?Why do I have this white spacing (marked yellow)Why do I have this white spacing (marked yellow)

This is not the only group with this issue. All our groups show the same white spacing ...





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Our network looks the same and honestly nobody has complained. Why exactly do you not like the whitespace? Sometimes whitespace is good! =)

Modern UI design for 2017.

Hi, Thanks for getting back to me. I am actually really surprised by that. It seems like a buggy UI to me. And it makes no sense that the screen is not spread over the whole width of the screen.

If I could change the group header to something completely customized I could make something of it, but how it looks right now it just seems off.