What is the Microsoft's official Yammar Group for Azure and CRM?

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Hi All,


     Can anyone direct me to official Yammar group for Azure and Dynamics 365 CRM?




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I believe you are referencing the communities here in the Microsoft Tech Community. A list of them is available here:

Hi Kevin,


        Thanks for your answer. I am actually looking for groups in .  And not in tech community site.  




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@tiklu ganguly is the service that's part of your Office 365 tenant. Which means that those would be internal to your organization.


Yammer as a service does not have public-facing communities for you to join.

hi @Kevin Crossman thanks for your reply. Since there are already some public-facing yammer groups for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operation and For Azure CSP. I was assuming that there could be some groups for CRM as well.  

@tiklu ganguly Which groups? Do you have a URL?

@Kevin Crossman 

I am part of the following communities

Finance and Operations Insider Program

Cloud Partner Community


do you know any similar community for CRM or Azure?





@tiklu ganguly Strong guess is that those Yammer communities are really old (~5 years) and not actively still adding members. Microsoft is not using Yammer for new customer communities.

okay. Thanks for your reply. :)