What does the Smiley icon on an avatar mean?


What does it mean when a user avatar has a blue smiley icon super-imposed in its lower right?  I've seen it in several Yammer networks, and I currently see it in my company's network.


It is not about being online, since the user is not online in Yammer.

It is not about Lync/Skype for business presence, because the user is offline in Skype for Business.




The icon does not show on his profile, only on the post. What does it mean? How long will it stay? 

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Hi Ingeborg,  It reflects a new user. I don't however know how long it sticks to their avatar.



Wow, that is soo NOT intuitive. Smiley face means new user.  Go figure.

I agree and didn't know myself what it meant for awhile. Had to ask to find out.

Did anyone find out how long the smiley face stays on the avatar?

Looking at the #joined feed on my network suggests that it is 14 days.

Ah-Ha! Excellent - Thank you @Geoffrey Bronner!