Weekly/Daily Digest in Yammer


I notice that the Weekly and Daily Digest options in Notifications has been removed.  Is Yammer no longer offering this email subscription service? The only option I see now is Email me when .... There are updates from my groups (daily).  If someone follows many groups this becomes much like spam and will reduce the likelihood of Company engagement and adoption.

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This is a change that was announced by Yammer this last fall. Here are details about how/why notifications are now sent. https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Yammer-email-and-push-notifications-93e530e0-189f-4768-8f28...

That blog does not tell you why they changed the notifications. I would have thought weekly would be preferred over daily especially as the first paragraph says "To avoid overloading yourself"...I turned the daily email off as it was sent too often and I would have turned on the weekly option but it's not available anymore!!!