We need the ability to define who can create an Office365 connected Yammer group and from where

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At the moment we have built our own Site provisioning app (using the PnP pack) to create Sharepoint TeamSites. With the introduction of Office 365 Groups, we notice that we are moving from site creation towards group creation (which makes sense) and a site is just a workload that comes with a Group.


Out of the box you are able to create your Office 365 Group from almost everywhere (Oultook client, admin dashboard, Outlook on the web, Planner, Create a site, Yammer,...). For user adoption this is hard to explain (even worse documenting it). Besides that argument we also have extra requirements for the group creation that are not offered through the out of the box group creation proces eg (amongst others): define which smtp domain will be used (since we have multiple) for the group, have private groups linked to our own identity management system (as we are a financial company),...


Therefore we are thinking of developing our own 'group creation' application (like the site creation app) where our end users are able to create their groups with their connected workloads (decide if they want to have Yammer or Outlook as conversation platform, set the privacy (linked to our internal identity mgt system), define the smtp domain,...).


Would that be a good approach? Will Microsoft support this (as they do with the PnP pack for creating teamsites)?


If we want to prevent any backdoors we also should be able to define who can create an Office 365 group / Yammer group (eg: only tenant admins and the shared user used by the group creation app); this is only possible for Office 365 Groups, you are still able to create groups through Yammer. But we also should be able to prevent groups being created from any other part except from the Group creation tool/app.


Would love to hear your comments & approaches!

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