Want to block Selective users from Yammer Only

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Hello Experts,


We want to block certain users from accessing Yammer while able to access all other services in O365.

Via AAD we want to make it happen or enforcing Yammer Policy which is tied to group, in which we can add users and all the users in the group will not be able to access Yammer. 

How can we make it possible?




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@link2shaan Another approach would be to de-license those users from having the Yammer service attached to their O365 license.

@Kevin Crossman Thanks, but our AD Team has deployed a script in which as soon as an employee enter an organization we give him E3/ E5 license and that is run daily to check for existing users too, which then assign the license again if it finds missing.

We thought of it but cannot be changed.

Is there any additional thing in Compliance center or Admin center which gives us power to add users to Group which won't have access even though they have license?

@link2shaan Within the E3/E5 you can disable the license for certain services/workloads, such as Yammer.


They have the E3 and have Exchange, SharePoint, Planner, MS Teams. But not Yammer.

@Kevin Crossman We thought of it but the Script everyday checks the assigned licenses and assigns back if user are missing the standard ones. 

Script cannot be edited again and again for certain users. We will have to check for other way I think.