Voting results in Yammer

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Hello All,


Do you have any idea how to view the voting results in Yammer? our users create new poll and cannot view who voted.

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Yammer polls don't show who voted. If you need to know use something else and add a link to your post. The new Microsoft Forms is quite good, can run surveys, quizzes etc and also export results to excel if you wish.

The person who created the poll will get a notification every time someone votes in the poll.  The results are supposed to be fairly anonymous.  So technically you could get it from the poll creator, though of course not how each person voted.

 Just wanted to ask the type of update it shows to the poll creator. Does it show the name of the person who voted or does it just tells the poll creator that someone voted. Want to conduct a poll but not sure whether to use yammer or MS forms. The most essential feature that I want is knowing the people who voted, not the way they voted. Is it possible in Yammer?

Technically, yes it is possible.  The poll created receives a notification that "John Doe has responded to your poll", and the notifications links to the poll.  You can't really see how they voted, but if you are very careful you can deduce how they voted.  So in this case, if you immediately check the poll after receiving that notification and also notice that the number of votes for "Choice B" has ticked up by one, then you know that John Doe voted for Choice B.  


Your notifications are preserved and can be seen in "View all notifications", so you can find all the people who have responded to your poll using that list.


Does that help?

My 2 cents: wouldn't use the Yammer poll for this. It's more or less anonymous and that's what users expect. They probably don't expect anyone to monitor the notifications or to build something to get that info out of the system. Sharing this info could have an impact on the adoption of the feature. You could ask them to "like" the poll if they have voted on it, but a different application would be better IMHO.